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Personalized Energy Alignment*








Dear friends, old and new, I am so excited to be expanding our offerings. The time is right, and the Magick we now have available is "Ready & Rearing To Go!!!" The Ladies of the Coven have been working over time, going through their own personal collections, creating fresh new spells, and securing the most powerful of new and old Magickals from their numerous sources.
One of the most significant changes that has taken place is that they are now ready to offer PERSONALIZED ENERGY ALIGNMENTS on your Magickal Vessels, and EVEN CUSTOM CASTINGS. Over the past 7 years I have turned down so many HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of these types of requests because Madam Elizabeth Crawley & The Coven were not ready or available to dedicate that amount of time. THINGS HAVE CHANGED. Madam Crawley and the Entire Coven Of Union has come back full force to fight off the bad energies, the inevitable battles and struggles we are facing, and to prepare us FULLY FOR THE COMING OF THE NEW AGE. YOU HAVE THEIR ATTENTION!!! I get chills, goosebumps and tears in my eyes just thinking about it. Please check our listings thoroughly to find the Personalized Energy Alignments and Custom Casting options.

For those of you unfamiliar with Madam Elizabeth--she is considered among the inner Magickal Circles (especially in Europe) as the utmost authority on all things paranormal. She is also a profound and ultra-talented Spell Caster. Madam Elizabeth can cast spells for almost anything. She is High Priestess of The Coven Of Union (This name is a pseudonym, to protect the identity of those witches who choose to remain anonymous.)

I have personally been privileged enough to witness her Spell-Casting first hand--the love, care and concentration she puts into it is completely AWE-INSPIRING. Madam Elizabeth is a Master at Lunar Phasing, Tarot, Herbs and all types of spell formations. For many years now I have witnessed and been the recipient of her WONDROUS MAGICK, and I cannot express how honored, thrilled and completely MAGNETIZED I am by this BRILLIANT lady.

Madam Elizabeth lives in England and the pieces she sends me are mostly jewelry. Some new, some very old. On our website we will now be offering a variety of ways to acquire these spells which has not previously been an option for us. We have sold on eBay for the past 7 years with 100% feedback and our customers return time and time again! Many have been with us from the beginning and have become very dear friends. Over the years I have received countless letters and emails from our happy customers telling us of huge lotto wins, massive business successes, loves won, boundaries broken, illnesses cured, and the list goes on and on and on!! I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to be involved with this Magick and to be a vital instrument in getting this Magick to its New Owners. The Spells, Vessels and Customer Care you will receive are SUPERIOR!!! Our Customers are Chosen Ones. We know that Destiny has brought us together and you are of the utmost importance to us. This is why we go to all lengths to make sure you are thrilled and happy with your Magickals. We will do WHATEVER it takes!
 Madam Elizabeth & The Coven do not want to charge a lot for these pieces as it is VITAL to share their Magick with the ordinary folk who need it the most. Many of these Vessels are DESTINY Pieces, and will be chosen for you. They already lay in your destiny's path, and are simply waiting for you to collect them. This is VERY EXCITING MAGICK & VERY EXCITING TIMES. AND I AM SO THRILLED THAT WE HAVE FOUND EACH OTHER.

Good Luck and Many Blessings! Anna



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 My GOODNESS!!! This is AMAZING! Stunning Stainless Steel Gambling Ring. Size 8. Absolutely perfect and just BRIMMING with MAGICK!! Don't wait.
If you want to win at the Lottery. GET ONE! I can feel my own "Lotta Luck Energies" multiplying and growing by the second just by simply having this in my home!You don't need to wear it to own the Power Within.


Before your vessel leaves Madam Crawley's hands you now have the option of her CUSTOM ALIGNING the Vessel to "fit you like a glove!" She will fully tune and align the spell to match your exact vibrations and aura. This Pre-Cast Vessel is of the highest caliber imaginable, and this extra little touch will send its Magick into Turbo-Charged! A TOTAL FINE TUNING OF ENERGIES! The result will be FASTER Magick! This is completely exciting to me, and the first thing I did when I heard about this was send a whole SLEW of my own Magickals to her for Personalized Alignment! This type of Personal Energy Alignment would cost a small fortune elsewhere.
You will see the option when you go to add the Vessel to your shopping cart. We will need your FULL NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, AND PLACE OF BIRTH. (Please add this info to the "Additional Instructions" box while confirming your order.)
The Alignment is only $29.99. Basically a Give Away Price! Please note, Madam Crawley is very diligent and conscientious in her spell casting. She estimates approx a week from purchase to mailing. This may be a little longer or sooner depending on certain factors.

She may also be offering this service as a "REMOTE" option in the future. So you can also choose to do it later if you wish.


SPELL: Whole Lotta Luck Lottery Spell


Spell Update:
This spell is a lot newer than some of our spells, but still the people who have received this spell have reported Extraordinary success!! Chris from Cambridge England has won 174,000.000 pounds on a British lotto. He writes to me constantly now thanking me every day!! But it's not me. I didn't cast it. It's Madam Crawley who deserves every drop of credit. Pauline from CA won $67, 000.00. Ann from Canada won a brand new Cadillac convertible in a lucky drawing!!! Shaun from Florida won 15,000 on a scratch card he bought on the way home from work... And numerous other stories of GREAT BIG WINS! Madam Crawley has really outdone herself on this spell. She appreciates how hard times are for the general populace, and she's done a magnificent thing by creating this spell. thank you Madam Crawley.


This is a brand new spell created by Madam Crawley. Although I say brand new, it is actually a derivative of a very ancient spell first logged into the Book of Van Doren over 300 years ago. So we KNOW it’s effective!


This spell will bring 1,000 X the regular luck in winning lotteries. Now, as you know Madam Crawley is from England, and they don’t have lotteries the same way as they do here, although they are becoming more popular. But... they do have Bingo--lots and lots of Bingo, which as you know is a Number Game too. Madam Crawley has been helping folks win at bingo for over 40 years! There was even one lady that Madam Crawley helped who loved the game so much that she became a professional at it, and made so much money that she bought a huge estate. She tried holding bingo parties there but everyone knew that she would be the winner so they didn’t show up. I figure by that point she had all the money she needed, so she eventually gave the ring back to Madam Crawley, who still has it to this day. The Brand New Lottery spell is going to give you that WINNING EDGE. In these hard times, there is nothing wrong with gambling a little and winning a lot, you just want to make sure that YOU HAVE THE ADVANTAGE.


Madam Crawley is edging close to 100 Years old--this might be the last spell she creates. She has hundreds under her belt already, and the world owes her a debt of gratitude. I’m not a gambler myself, but I’m getting one of these just to say I HAVE ONE!  And, I will probably buy a lottery ticket or two as well ;+) Oh and a note here. She suggests that from the winnings you always take at least a small amount of it, and pass it on to someone needy. Good Luck and Fortune to you. Many Blessings. Anna.


  Good Luck and Many, Many Blessings. These are exciting times indeed.



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